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Jesus ProvidesApril 20, 2015

One of the names God uses for Himself is, "My God Provides." Isn’t it good to know that God has taken us into His family and promises to provide for us? Invite a friend to join us as we ge... Read more

Jesus is the Lead-GiverApril 13, 2015

Have you ever looked at a building and noticed a recognition of a major donor who made it possible? It is a great thing that there are givers who make hospitals, schools, and even church cam... Read more

Financial FreedomApril 6, 2015

This Sunday, we begin a new series on Financial Freedom. The Bible talks about the subject of stewardship more than 2,300 times. We are going to study all of them! Not really. We are going t... Read more

The ResurrectionMarch 30, 2015

Ever wish you could experience a game-changer? I mean, you wish there was an event that could reverse the direction of your life and fill you with hope no matter what you are facing or strug... Read more

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