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Own it!May 25, 2015

Last Sunday we looked at a message on how and why we should forgive those who have hurt us. This Sunday we are talking about something that is much more rare.  It is owning up to our own of... Read more

Forgiven People ForgiveMay 18, 2015

We hope that you join us this Sunday with a friend as we continue Getting Past Our Past by looking at forgiveness. Being in community and small group with people all the time at Good News is... Read more

Don’t Label Me BroMay 11, 2015

If you are held captive by your past, join us this Sunday for a new series, Getting Past Our Past. Bring someone with you to hear the good news! 2 Corinthians 5:14-21 ... Read more

Mothers of Jesus: RuthMay 4, 2015

If we were reading the genealogy of Jesus, what kind of mothers would we expect in His genealogy? Everyone listed is a real surprise. None is more surprising than Ruth. If your life ... Read more

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