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Our hope and prayer is that EVERY student in St. John’s County would know and experience three things when it comes to the Christian faith.  Our strategy for Student Ministry at Good News is simple.  In fact, we’ve boiled it down into numbers for you: 3…2…1.

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First, we want students to know that that they’re not here by accident.  We are created in the image of God and made to be in a restored relationship with Him.  Jesus made that possible by his death and resurrection!  We want students to believe in Jesus and to submit their lives to Him as MASTER.
Second, we want students to know that they belong.  When we put their faith in Jesus, we’re included in His kingdom!  We want students to realize that they’re a MEMBER of God’s family and because we’re family, we want to do life together!
Third, we want students to know that they were created for a purpose.  When we believe in Jesus, we’re admitting that we’re powerless and that we need to be rescued!  Jesus doesn’t invite us to a life of sitting on the sidelines.  He invites us into His MISSION to rescue others!

2 Influences

The Family – God has designed the FAMILY to nurture the hearts of a generation to love Him.  We represent the FAMILY with the color, RED. God has placed every child within a FAMILY.

The Church – God has designed the church to shine a light to show every generation the glory of God’s Son.   We represent the CHURCH with the color, YELLOW.  God has placed every family within a CHURCH.

The FAMILY and the CHURCH are the two primary influences designed by God for a purpose. And, when they work together, they become ORANGE. Both the church and the family are systems comprised of imperfect people – that’s why God desires to use them as a platform to tell His story of restoration and redemption to the world.

At Good News, we want to PARTNER with you to raise up 3M Christians.  We believe that God has placed the primary responsibility of discipleship upon the FAMILY.  And, he’s placed every family within a CHURCH.  Our desire is to help equip you with the strategies and tools needed to nurture the hearts of your children to love Him!

1 Aligned Process

At Good News, we want you to experience WORSHIP and SMALL GROUP…no matter if you’re four years old or 95 years old.

WORSHIP – On Sunday we gather to sing, pray, and listen to God’s Word.  Students in middle school and high school are invited to join the larger congregation at any of our weekly services.

SMALL GROUP – On Wednesday, we gather for a high-energy experience that includes fun games, engaging worship and a message tailored to the needs of students.  After each message, students have the opportunity to sit with a group of peers and a leader to talk about life and Jesus…and how the two connect.