We just reached the third year as a church plant. We celebrated the goodness of God among us. The Lord has been amazing in the way he is confirming His will for the San Pedro church. With an attendance of 60 adults and 20 kids, we worship the Lord every Sunday.
The church is growing with people of different nationalities. We have a couple from India, from Korea, Chineese and the United States. At the same time we have people from very different backgrounds.
I love the different people’s background because we are answering the question of; “are you attracting to your church, the people that Jesus Christ used to attract? For the first time I can see that we are doing it.
New assistant pastor: Hugo and Carol Rosales from Chile came to help de development of small groups, preaching part time and leadership. They are incorporated to the San Pedro family with Natalia and Mariana, their two daughters. They will be a big blessing to the church and to me.

Even when we are a church plant, we launched a new church last year and next month we are launching our second church plant to reach an Indian people group in Monterrey called “the Nahuatls.” Structurally speaking, we are going to become a multi-site church.  We are preaching the same sermon and we are having a central administration of the ministry. This administration is allowing us to keep the organization of these two new churches simple and focus on growing.

Diego and Miriam are a couple of Nahuatl speaking natives. They are the church planters commited by San Pedro church to plant the third church. We found them in another church and the pastor was willing to send them to San Pedro to help us planting this new church.

Being in the fourth year, it is time to prepare the future leaders for the organization of the church. I am developing and equipping leaders in the church through a gospel theology training. I want them to be able to think in the implications of the gospel in every part of their lives and in every part of our church. In that way I am developing their strengths and gifts. My goal is to equip at least 6 leaders to become Elders and Deacons.

Worship and Community

Our love for God

Our worship service is how we build a grace based gospel community. We seek for our worship service to be understandable and edifying to every one attending, Christians and non-Christians alike to be an evangelistic and discipling corporative time. every Sunday we present the story of redemption through the whole worship in order to move people to reflect on their lives.


Our love for the church
We edify the church through a person to person discipleship. This is our main door to grow the church, and to enable christian leaders for the church, family and culture to transform the city. We are establishing a model based on what Jesus Christ did to build His disciples, through relevant and honest relationships.


Our love for the city
Serving people, the city and the needy is our front door to the city. We want to do this through planting a movement of churches and leaders in cities. We want to communicate a holistic gospel through gospel- centered churches and city initiatives. This church will become a resource church for a church planting and
leaders movement.

Love for the City

Business people Initiative
The city is our missionary field. I started an initiative for Business people in the city. My goal is for them to see their business and vocation as a instruments to seek the shalom of the city. we are giving conferences and workshops to do a network of leaders in the city.

“Alfa” project. We just started two cell groups with exdrug addicts and a monthly event of worship to start the steps for the new church among this people group. We are very excited because we have already 25 people in a discipleship program. We are very close to find the right church planter for this church. We are already baptizing some of the rehab men. Thanks the Lord for this.

4rd. Year: Establishing a church of 90 disciples, a network of church planting leaders and a Nahuatl speaking worship site.

5rd. Year: Developing a third church plant to reach the exdrug addicts and their families and a city transformation initiative among business groups.

6th. Year: Starting fourth daughter church in the south of Monterrey.

Thanks to all of you for the great support, prayers and love you have for this project.