And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

Mark 16:15

We begin a new series today #WeLoveSTJOHNS and I am so excited about it. Everywhere I go in this county I see homes going up. Jesus is bringing all these people into our county and so many of them need Jesus and a church to belong to. What a great time to be Good News Church! We will begin with, A Friend of Sinners, and then we will have a great opportunity to invite with, Football Sunday. The we will have The Deaf Hear and finish with, The Blind See. We tell the Rescue Station story in our Newcomers Class but I wanted to stir you up by way of reminder. If you have lost some of your passion to see your fronds come to faith in Christ, please read the story, be here for the series, and bring a friend with you each week.

Good News Church is a rescue station.  On the coast of Maine, there were many rescue squads, which were responsible to go out into the ocean whenever there was a storm and rescue those who were drowning.  Their imperative was to save as many as possible.

There was a particular rescue squad on the coast of Maine, who faithfully performed their duty of rescuing those who were perishing year after year.  After a while, one of the members of the rescue squad advised, “You know what we ought to do?  We should build a boathouse down here by the ocean.  Carrying these boats this distance is a pain in the neck.  If we leave our boats down here, we won’t have to carry them so far when a storm comes.  Then we will be able to better perform our duties.”  In response they agreed, “That is an excellent idea!”  So, the vote was passed.

As time went on, someone insisted, “You know what we ought to do?  We should build a bunkhouse down by the boathouse.  It is difficult to get down to this boathouse in a storm.  If we had a bunkhouse, we could sleep down here and it would be so much easier to go out and rescue people in a bad storm.”  The reply, “That’s a fantastic idea.”  Again, the vote was passed.

Seasons marched on and someone mentioned, “You know what we ought to do?  We should build a kitchen in the bunkhouse.  I’m tired of carrying all this prepared food down here.  If we had a kitchen, we could cook right here, eat much better and it would be a lot easier.”  Someone responded, “That a fabulous idea!”  Voting again, it was passed.

On down the line, someone complained, “You know what?  It gets extremely boring down here during a storm, there is nothing to do while we wait to rescue those who are perishing.  Let’s build a game room.”  Emphatically, the reply was, “That’s a marvelous idea!”  The vote was passed.  They built a game room and put pool tables, card tables and lots of games in it.  Now the fun finally began.

A few years later, some of the old guys grumbled, “You know what’s really difficult here?  We have a great club but going out and rescuing has really become a problem.  So why don’t we hire young guys to go out and rescue those who are perishing?  We will set up a school and teach them how to rescue those who are caught in a storm.  Old guys should not have to do this anymore.”  So they hired young men and started a school.

After 5 or 6 years of the new school, the retired club-members met and elected a board of directors.  The board got together and looked at the budget and they saw it was a deficit budget.   So the directors responded to this problem, “We’ve got a deficit here.  What we need to do is eliminate our rescue team and then we will balance the budget.”  They voted on it and it passed!

Then, some young guys heard about it and rebuked, “You guys are not a rescue club anymore!  We are going to go down the coast and start our own rescue club, where we do what we were created to do.”  Travelling down the coast, they set up their own rescue club. A few years later, one of them wondered, “You know something, it would be a whole lot better if we built a boathouse down here.  We wouldn’t have to carry our boats all the way down here anymore.”  Following that, along came a bunkhouse, kitchen, game room, directors, a deficit, and eventually they dropped the rescue mission.

Consequently, a few years later some guys came along and stated, “We are going to start a real rescue club…”  And they did the same thing and the circle continued over and over again.  Today dotting the entire coast of Maine, there are comfy, exclusive clubs, with excellent facilities.  Sometimes they have competitions with one another to see who can make their boats go the fastest.  But, sadly, nobody gets rescued!

Why are we here at Good News?  Once Jesus Christ has rescued us; we are recruited to join His rescue mission.  Jesus has promised to meet our needs, to protect us from evil, to be with us every step of the way, and to take us safely home one day!  He has given us the Holy Spirit, the gospel, and spiritual gifts to enable us to be a rescue station. We must remember to get out on the ocean and rescue those who are perishing! May we always be a rescue station!

Together for the gospel,
Smiley Sturgis