Completion and Dedication Report of
Tallian Presbyterian Church

atTallian Village, Manipur, India
in collaboration with Mission Ministry Team, GNC, St. Augustine, FL.
Dear Saints at GNC,

Thank You for Planting Tallian Presbyterian Church at Tallian Village in Manipur State of India.

  1. Break down of how your gift was used:
  • $8800.00– purchasing building materials (sand, stone chips, iron bars, cement, bricks, paints, roofing materials, ceiling materials, etc.) The local congregation is responsible for skilled and unskilled labor, infrastructures and for the continuing maintenance of church building and its ministry.
  • $1200 – has been used to pay the church planter (pastor) for one year. From the 2nd year the new congregation is expected to continue meeting the needs of their pastor.
  1. Size of church:
  1. 50ft. length x 32ft. breadth
  2. 90 people are worshiping regularly.

Need – Training in evangelism, discipleship and leadership. Prayer for God’s extra   portion of grace as they are a small group of new believers that they will be faithful witnesses and followers for Jesus in their community.

Preparing to dedicate TallianPresbyterian Church – gathered in front of church

Inside Church – Tallian Presbyterian Church is being dedicated to God by Pastor Dong Khankhup

Outside Church: Pastor Khen Tombing,  Pastor Dong Khankhup and his wife on my left side

A frontal view of Tallian Presbyterian Church right after the dedication

Members are basically from Hindu, animistic, atheistic, alcoholic, drug addict, prostitute, etc., background. Most of these believers are very young in their faith.  They need a lot of encouragement from other believers.  They remain faithful regardless of their religious background by God’s grace and power.  Pray that they will be strong against emotional, economic, social and religious opposition.  Currently, there are 100 household dwelling in the village.  It has a good potential to grow in the future.  Pray that new believers will be added to them daily.

Some Vital Information:

  1. Name of pastor:       Pastor Dong Khankhup
  2. Number of regular worshipers:   120 people.
  3. Started on:
  4. Completed & Dedicated on: May 7, 2017
  5. Submitted on:                        May 9, 2017
  6. Submitted to: Mission Ministry Team, GNC, St. Augustine, FL, USA
  7. Submitted by: Khen Tombing, PCI (Reformed), Manipur, INDIA